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Intermediate Courses

Implosion Pendant Course
Sunday March 12, 2023
10am to 2pm -- 90€ per person

Have you always wanted to make implosion beads? Would you like to magically implant flowers inside your glass work? I would love to show you how.

You are welcome to join the course in our studio in Berlin-Schöneberg!

I will show you how to make beautiful flowers in your glass work. We will practice the technique and then we will learn some techniques for making a focal piece (pendant) out of your work.

We will be using the punty technique. That means we will create our glass work on the end of a glass rod instead of on a mandrel.

I look forward to seeing you at the course!

The course is in German, but I can translate a little bit while I am giving the course. My mother tongue is English.


more intermediate courses in the spring of 2023...

Continuation I (one)
Sunday May 7, 2023
10am to 2pm -- 90€ per person

Are you relatively new to glass bead making and would like to expand your exprience? Or, have you been making glass beads for some time and would like to refine your skills? These continuation courses may be just what you are looking for. They are a contiuation of our beginner course. In this course Josh will show you step by step his methods for very accurate dot placement, air bubbles, and magical swirls.

Continuation II (two)
Wednesday May 10, 2023
5pm to 9pm -- 90€ per person

You have establisched yourself as a glass bead maker but would like to develop your skills further? Colourful twisties, accuracte cylinders and consistent clear glass encasing are all goals withing your reach. This course goes in depth into these methods to keep you improving rapidly.

Gold & Silver
Sunday Mai 14, 2023
10am to 2pm -- 90€ per person

Gold and silver are two metals that work wonderfully with glass. They can sometimes be tricky to use. In this course, Josh will show you how to work with these delicate metals to produce the desired beautiful results.

Please write us an email stating which course you would like to register for. We will then respond promptly with the registration information.

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