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Glass Rods COE 104

We presently carry five different manufacturers of glass rods (COE 104 / "Soft Glass") in our store: Effetre (formerly named Moretti), Vetrofond, Reichenbach, Lauscha, and Trautman. All of the glass rods in this category have the same coefficient of expansion (COE 104), and therefore they are compatible with each other.

We also carry the Trautman borosilicate line and Simax borosilicate glass (COE 33 / "Boro Glass") that is not compatible. You will find the borosilicate lines from Trautman and Simax under the category Glass Rods COE 33 (Boro).

Both Effetre and Vetrofond produce their glass rods in Italy and both are known as "Murano Glass" or "Moretti Glass". Effetre produces their glass on the island of Murano and Vetrofond produces glass on the main land near Murano. Reichenbach produces their glass rods in Reichenbach, Germany. Lauscha is produced in Lauscha, Germany. Trautman is produced in the USA.

In the case that you don´t find what you are looking for in our store, don´t worry, we are expanding our selection constantly and will be offering many more quality manufacturers in the near future!

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