The glass bead workshop!
Gotenstr. 9, 10829 Berlin
+49 030 6040 4774

Walk-In Opening Hours
Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.: 10am-5pm
Wed. Sat.: 10am-3pm

Instructions for BeadBooze Bead Release

1. Shake well before each use.
2. The mandrel must be clean, dry, and free from oil. We recommend that new mandrels be heated in the flame to burn off any oily residue.
3. For a nice even coating, dip the mandrel into the bead release and pull it straight out with one quick and steady motion. The speed at which the mandrel is pulled out determines the thickness of the coating. The faster it is pulled out, the thicker the coating will be. If the coating is not satisfactory, the mandrel can be immediately redipped to adjust the coating.
4. The bead release can be air or flame dried. Air drying is easier. When flame drying, care must be taken not to boil the water in the bead release. Boiling the water will break up the bead release and render it useless.
5. The bead release must be heated in the flame right before the glass is added onto it. After it is heated, the bead release should not be allowed to cool off. If it cools off it will start to break up and fall appart. (That´s what it is supposed to do, but only after the bead has been finished.) During the production of longer beads, care must be taken to keep the bead release hot at both ends of the bead, otherwise it will cool off and start to break up.
6. The bead release in the bottle should remain a creamy consistency. It will dry out and thicken over time. Tap water can be added to rehydrate the bead release to maintain the optimal consistency.

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