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Opaline Rods

This category contains all of the Effetre opaline rods that we carry (colour number 591-504 to 591-536). If you are looking for something specific, you can narrow your search by using the search utility in the right hand column or by clicking on a more detailed category. (For example: if you prefer to buy your glass in 500 gram bundles, you can click on that category in the left hand column.)

Please note that all of the pictures are a bit overexposed. That means that the colours in the pictures look slighly lighter than in reality. We did this so that the darker colours can be seen a little better. All pictures were taken with the same light conditions and camera settings so that it is possible to compare the colours to each other.

Tip for using the opaline colours: These colours seem to get dirty very fast in a flame that is not perfectly neutral. We like to work these colours in a slighly oxidizing flame to avoid getting dirt in the glass.

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