The glass bead workshop!
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Walk-In Opening Hours
Thurs. Fri.: 10am-8pm
Wed. Sat.: 10am-4pm

1 Metre Bundles

In this category you will find one-metre bundles of all of the colours that we carry from Effetre. A "one-metre bundle" consists of 3 rods, approximately 33cm in length, bundled together. Every bundle is clearly marked with an identifying sticker on one of the rods in the bundle.

If you are looking for something particular, you can type the colour name or number into the search function in right hand column at the top.

We receive the glass from Effetre in lengths ranging from 98cm to 108cm. We cut the glass rods into thirds as soon as we receive it for easier handling and storage. The glass rods that you will receive will generally be between 33cm and 36cm long.

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