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Please scroll down to find the Lauscha glass that we carry.

The glass manufacturer Lauscha produces their glass rods in Lauscha, Thüringen, Germany. We receive the rods in one metre lengths and cut them up immediately upon receit into approximately 33cm lengths.

We sell all of our glass by weight. We have deceided to sell the glass by weight and not per length to provide our customers with a fair and comparable product.

Please note, our discount system provides discounts based on the volume of each individual colour purchased.

At Lauscha, all glass rods are hand pulled. Therefore, the rod diameters from Lauscha can vary much more that those of machine pulled manufacturers.

We do our best to provide high quality, accurate pictures of the colours. Nevertheless please allow for inaccuracies. Each computer screen depicts the colours slightly differently. As well, the different production runs from the manufacturer sometimes produce slightly different colours.

Please note that all of the pictures are taken under the same light conditions and with the same camera settings so that the colours can be compared to each other. All of the pictures are a little bit overexposed. That means that the colours appear lighter than they are in reality. We do this so that the darker colours are easier to see.

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