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TAG-Trautman Art Glass COE104

Trautman Art Glass is a manufacturer of high-quality coloured glass rods. Trautman produces both soft glass and a borosilicate line. In this category you will find only the soft glass (COE 104) that is compatible with all other COE 104 glass rods that we sell. We also sell the boro line (COE 33) from Trautman. You will find Trautman borosilicate glass under the category "Glass Rods COE 33 (Boro)".

We sell all of our glass by weight. We have deceided to sell the glass by weight and not per length to provide our customers with a fair and comparable product.

Each listing under this category is for one single rod approximately 33cm in length.

The glass rods in this category are reaction colours and sometimes require specific working methods to achieve the desired result. The pictures on the listings have been provided to us by the manufacturer and depict the results achieved by their glass bead maker.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any discounts for the glass rods in this category.

There are no products to list in this category.
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