The glass bead workshop!
Gotenstr. 9, 10829 Berlin
+49 030 6040 4774

Walk-In Opening Hours
Thurs. Fri.: 10am-8pm
Wed. Sat.: 10am-4pm


In this category we offer a variety of glass sets as well as a couple of sets including tools and equipment. The glass sets can be of particular interest to those who are looking for a complete assortment from a certain manufacturer, or for those who don´t really know what they want.

The advantage of the sets is that they contain only one rod (approx. 33cm) of each colour instead of the normal minimum 3 rods (one metre). Therefore you can try out and compare a larger variety of colours. Because it is very time intensive for us to arrange the sets of glass rods, the price per kilogram of the glass in the sets is a little bit more expensive (approx. 10% more) than that of the one-metre bundles. The listed price is the price of the set and not the price per kilogram.

The rods contained in the sets usually have a diameter of 5-6mm. When we are arranging the sets, if 5-6mm is not available, we will substitute it with a 4-5mm or 6-7mm rod of the same colour. Don´t worry, if we use a 4-5mm rod, we make sure the other rods in the set are a little bit thicker to make up for the weight loss. We always treat our customers the way we expect to be treated!

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