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Simax Boro Clear (COE33)

Simax is the manufacturer of high quality clear borosilicate glass rods and tubes. They manufacture the glass in the Czech Republic. We are proud to offer this high quality product that is made in the EU. We sell all of our Simax glass rods and tubes per 50cm length. All of our Simax borosilicate glass has a coefficient of expansion (coe) of 33 x 10-7.

Please Note: We cut the 50cm rods in half to fit into a Hermes "S" package. You will receive two 25cm lengths for each 50cm length you purchase. If you want to receive the 50cm lengths uncut, please do one of the following things:

1. Have one "2€ Extra Shipping Fee" in your shopping cart at the time of purchase and choose Hermes as your shipping method, or
2. Choose DHL as your shipping method.

This is because the Hermes prices are dependent upon the size of the box and DHL prices are dependent upon the weight of the box. If we may make a suggetion, we would advise you to use Hermes. Hermes is still cheaper than DHL even with the "2€ Extra Shipping Fee" added on, and they are extremely reliable and have excellent customer service in the rare event that a package is lost or damaged.

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