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GTT BobCat

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The Bobcat is a very good dual gas burner from the U.S. company GTT. He is a very commonly used two-gas torch for glass bead making. The Bobcat is a little hotter and faster than the GTT Cricket or Nortel Minor. It works especially well when creating larger beads. The Bobcat burns oxygen and propane and produces a clean flame. This torch is a "surface mix" burner, ie Propane and oxygen are mixed at the burner surface after they are discharged from the burner nozzle. The burner has 7 propane jets. The color of the burner is "purple", see picture. The hose connections for this burner adjust oxygen and propane hoses with 6mm inside diameter.

We use this burner in our shop BerlinBeads - and we love it! We can only recommend this burner as we're especially pleased how he is a little hotter than even the cricket and the Minor Bench Burner. In our opinion great value for money! Possibly a drawback: Some bead-makers have found that the burner itself becomes fouled faster than eg the burner from Nortel. We have heard that some cleaning/touching up of just the nozzle might be required every hour (time cost about 1 minute). We had no experience of with the problem, but think it probably has to do with the performance of the concentrator and the flame adjustment. Please note that any possible soot or fouling of the burner does not constitute a warranty claim. However we will do what we can to help you solve any burner troubles. Give us a call.
IMPORTANT: Please take care to have the installation done by a professional. Incorrect installation and/or handling represent a high risk. We take no responsibility for the security of the installation. If you have any questions, please contact us.
To help you make your descision: If you know that you would rather make larger beads or like to work fast, the Bobcat is probably the right Burner for you. If you prefer to work quietly and smaller, the Nortel Minor, or the Cricket is probably a better idea.

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